06 August 2009

Tom and Katie-you guys are bananas! I can't thank you enough for answering the call of fellowship and friendship and heading over with such a rare and beautiful gem. You definitely sent me off for these next few weeks with something to think about...the 2004 Weingut Knipser Cuvee 'X', Germany's greatest perpetual showcase of Bordeaux class. Tons of spice on the nose-paprika, anise, even a touch of hookah tobacco-and a very, very ripe greenness, nothing really under-ripe or distracting, all framed by brambly black cherry and dusty, even earthy dark chocolate overtones.

The nose at this stage is ever so slightly more impressive than the palate, as Tom pointed out. Bro, you may be a little scared of the wine's development at this stage, but I think great, great things are in store for this beauty. While it's very forward at this stage, particularly on the nose where it's still really volatile, this definitely has underlying structure on the finish. Overall, the body here needs time-perhaps a lot of it-to really envelop the volatile and extremely complex aromatics.

Over time, the bitter cacao notes begin to take on a more commandeering role, as some caramelly vanilla notes begin to peek out alongside them. But they're all playing a supporting role at the moment; nothing here is over the top or overtly confectionary. I get the distinct impressions of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, which I believe are the constituent varietals that make Knipser's 'X' so unique in Germany.

A bombshell wine, and still a very honest one: A believable Bordeaux cuvee on the northern frontier of the Pfalz. Tom, I can't believe you just dropped this on us like, 'Yeah, we'll swing by, maybe open a bottle of Cuvee X.' Great people, a great, even iconic wine opened on a whim...what a great life. Thanks, you two!

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  1. Great night to enjoy a nice bottle of red. I can only remember the nose so the palate must not have been as memorable to me. What you guys bringing over next???