02 August 2009

Body und Soil

BODY:  The weight of every interaction--biological, chemical, emotional, cultural--in a glass of wine.  Incalculable, yet palpable; transparent, yet tangible.

SOIL:  The medium through which these interactions grow, take form and at last, nurture.

These two elements constitute the very fabric of wine as it weaves its way through contemporary culture.  While styles and fad-like tendencies repeatedly change, swayed as they will always be by a bevy of well-intentioned critics and self-professed cognoscente, wine will always remain “sunlight, held together by water” (Galileo Galilei, 1564-1642).  

Wine should not be a complicated endeavor; it should be a cherished one.  To associate the pleasures of wine with that of striving toward some foregone conclusion--what varietal, what winery, what weight of residual sugar--is tantamount to assuming wine will always afford a ‘Yes/No’, ‘You’re right, he’s wrong’ sum.  It is for this reason that Body und Soil even exists.  While a great deal of study, and even more snobbery and hubris can be thrown at the subject, what matters ultimately is that a wine speaks deeply of its origins, and that it draws an audience even deeper into its story through the weight of its own wonders...Body und Soil.  

Wine: Deconstructed.

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