10 January 2010

Forget Alsace...

Let the recounting of 2009 begin. 2007 Herbert Messmer "Im Goldenen Jost" Weisser Burgunder Grosses Gewaechs (Pfalz, Germany, 13.5% abv). A heavenly nectar, built for the table, destined for the heart. There is something in the nose that says emphatically FARM. Heaping wet hay, watermelon right when you cut into it at the farmer's market picnic table, pitted peach, and an almost bonfire smokiness--well, maybe not that intense, but there is the distinct scent of a burning candle just blown out. Sulfur?

Or terroir?

On top of all that, there's more--TONS more--going on here. And when you taste it, you know you just bit into greatness. Massive concentration, but delineated across every square inch of palate real estate. No lie, this is the most perfect Bloody Mary, but tastes like one with 1/8 tomato (spicy mix) and 7/8 lemonade. V8 action, and spicy like Gruener V. Wild, stunning, and I want more. Forget Alsace; this is the real Pinot Blanc.

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